More Sweat: Het Zweet and Bourbonese Qualk

October 11, 2007


More on Het Zweet: A Poster and leaflet from1987. ‘Aniki Bobo’ was a small venue in the riverside ‘Ribeira’ district of Porto which, at the time was a dark and seedy area of cobbled alleys, bars and brothels. (It’s now reincararnated as an upmarket area of quaint cobbled alleys, expensive bars and brothels) . The club was run by one of the few adventurous promoters in Porto (who also ran the Tubitek shop and label) who had booked us to play for two consecutive nights – two nights which have gone down in Porto mythology. Marien did his set which comprosed of percussion loops (on audio cassette) with live percussion from amplified metal junk. The Bourbonese Qualk set on the second day was one long piece played on amplified glass: glass sheets from shop windows, giant glass jars, light bulbs and so-on. The performance was improvised, mixed with live sampling and gradually increasing from subtle almost inaudible sounds to a destructive frenzy of smashing glass accompanied by violent audience participation. Audible on the recordings are the hysterical shouts of the organiser fighting with our sound engineer Kif, as he tries to pull out the cables from the mixer and bring the show to an end.

An MP3 file recording of part of the Bourbonese Qualk concert is here ‘ Glass Works’ 1987

One Response to “More Sweat: Het Zweet and Bourbonese Qualk”

  1. Hi Simon! I saw the 1987 gig at Frigoríficos do Bacaulhau in Massarelos, Porto but I remember Het Zweet (I loved the LP on Dossiers) don´t played because (I think) the frontman of the band was tired or disease. Could you tell me if Het Zweet palyed at Aniki Bobo? Thanks.

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