Eg Oblique Graph (Muslimgauze). Early recordings

October 18, 2007

egobliquegraph_01Another chance discovery from my old tapes box (which i hadn’t bothered to look at for twenty years…) is this recording from Bryn Jones’ ‘Eg Oblique Graph’. These two tracks ‘Fall Into Glass’ and ‘Linked to Gaulist Conspiracy’ are from a cassette Bryn sent to me (as usual nicely presented with typographic printed and xeroxed designs – a contrast to the DIY ethic of the time) when i started the Recloose Organisation label around 1981. Shortly after this we released a 7″ 3 track EP ‘Triptich’ of similar material, and shortly after that he changed the bands name to ‘Muslimgauze’ (much to our horror). I think these tracks are some of the best work he ever did – very experimental, inventive and uncompromisingly electronic, to me his later work became too repetitive, formulaic and rather unimaginative.

MP3 File ‘Murder Linked to Gaulist Clique’ (7.7mb)

MP3 File ‘Fall Into Glass’ (2.5mb)

One Response to “Eg Oblique Graph (Muslimgauze). Early recordings”

  1. Tom Berger said

    I must admit that I’m quite curious about Bryn Jones. Every interview with him or article about him I read tells me that I would have disliked his character very much (it’s not only the politics which I find shallow, there’s something else, though I can’t quite put my finger on it) but I find almost all of his musical output (what I’ve heard, at least – there’s tons) very appealing.

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