October 19, 2007

launchlabYesterday Space Studios (of which i am a trustee) hosted a round table discussion to plan the future of Launchlab: Launchlab is a Space Studio project that aims to resolve issues of diversity amongst the creative community i.e. The digital media and communications industry is an extermely hermetic, homogeneous group controlled and run by mainly white middle class males (like me).

The Launchlab project is designed to give the same sort of access normally reserved for this privileged group to a much wider and diverse mass of untapped talent in East London. This is done by training, self organisation and industry connections (organising internships, talks, discussions, consultancy and so-on). The strategy is to create a kind of social contract between the established creative industry and Launchlab: The Creative Industries need new people, ideas, talent and access to and a dialogue with, (real) ‘Youth Culture’. In turn Launchlab needs access to and profile within these Creative Industries.

Launchlab will relaunch in January 2008 at Space Triangle, Mare street, Hackney.

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