Het Zweet. More music…

October 23, 2007


Nenad Vujic sent me these MP3s of Het Zweet from the mid 1980s to further the cause of ongoing Het Zweet promotion (whether Marien likes it or not) :
‘Zweepslag 1+2’

‘Zweepslag 1+2’- released on the US based Industrial and Experimental tape label ‘Sound Of Pig’ run by Al Margolis (If Bwana) in 1984(?)

1. Vocus (20MB MP3 File)

2. Tribus (26MB MP3 File)

3. Slindus (22MB MP3 File)

4. Indus (25MB MP3 File)

het zweet fase

‘FASE’ was a cassette only release on the Netherlands ‘Staalplaat‘ label released, i guess, in 1984 (?).

1. Fase 01 (5.7 MB MP3 File)

2. Fase 02 (3.2 MB MP3 File)

3. Fase 03 (5.3 MB MP3 File)

4. Fase 04 (4.4 MB MP3 File)

5. Fase 05 (5.1 MB MP3 File)

6. Fase 06 (5.4 MB MP3 File)

7. Fase 07 (6.3 MB MP3 File)

8. Fase 08 (4.7 MB MP3 File)

2 Responses to “Het Zweet. More music…”

  1. Hello Simon,
    thanks for Het Zweet. Would like you to know that Fase 8 is impossible to download as the link states MP8 at the end (and Fase 001 as well). I could listen to it if I altered the link but can’t download it.
    Still have the early BQ vinyl albums.

  2. crab said

    Hi there,
    thanks for the testing, fixed!



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