(not) Faust, (not) sunseastar…

November 13, 2007

andywilsonLast Tuesday I was on the Eurostar heading south to Bruxelles when i was supposed to have been on stage with Andy Wilson as part of sunseastar’s third live outing…which was just as well as it turns out.

Jean-Hervé Peron of Faust (or, NotFaust) was headlining the night but had been deserted by his band. His solution was to imperiously co-opt the support acts into an ad hoc backing group, briefed just before the gig started with precise musical instructions (“in the second part make the sound of an exploding star…”) as a background for his “old hippy songs” (not my description) . At that point i would have gone home. Andy, who is made of sterner stuff saw the set out and said that some of it was “not that bad”.

One Response to “(not) Faust, (not) sunseastar…”

  1. Andy Wilson said

    There was a great bit based on a recording of Jean-Herve with all of the narratively coherent bits removed – turning it into a string of ‘um’s, ‘ah’s and ‘err’s, which then got processed live – stretched and looped into a gust of halting self-doubt. I liked it a lot.

    And anyone so keen on Steve Reich can’t afford to be too sniffy about hippy music, imho.



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