Tintin and Infrasound

January 15, 2008


Curious blog synergy: An article based on the Stalker ‘Early warning/Acoustic radar‘ post from our Portuguese comrades at Anauel, involves acoustic radar, Tintin and, unknown to them, relates back to the new Stalker post on Infrasound. Herge’s drawing of the German sound weapon is actually taken from a photograph of the ‘Luftkanone’ at the Elbe river in 1945:


The book illustrated is Leslie E Simon’s real and much sought after post war research into German WW2 experimental weaponry “German research in WW2”

Full article (in Portuguese) is here: http://anauel.blogspot.com/2008/01/oh-capito-isso-extraordinrio.html

6 Responses to “Tintin and Infrasound”

  1. anauel said

    Absolutely freaking awesome! Or, as you put it, a very curious blog synergy… I really loved the post on the early warning devices and made it clear on Anauel; a friend of mine remembered the tintin depiction of one of them; I then remembered the infrasound device on another tintin book; I then noticed that Stalker was already working on infrasound devices; and when I’m getting ready to write this down I see that once more Stalker is on the move… all alert and noticing this amazing blog synergy! Wow!

    By the way, great work done here at Stalker!
    A huge hello from Portugal and great admiration since the late 80’s. I was at the BQ gig in Lisbon, at Rock Rendez Vous (the one where you projected slides with several insects trapped on them…). Great gig, great time!

  2. crab said

    were you the bloke who asked ” where did you get the giant rats from?” referring to the magnified live microscopic parasitic insects that we’d projected during the gig? I liked the RRV gig, one of the best – not musically great but the atmosphere was very charged for some reason…

    all the best for anauel, interesting stuff.


  3. I second what anauel said. Great that blog synergies do exist!
    Yes, I think what you mean about the atmosphere in the RRV gig but I must disagree with you. I loved the music also. We were very lucky to meet BQ there. By the way, thanks for the archives!

  4. anauel said

    Pedro, I think that what Crab means is that the sound wasn’t that great.. Is it? And you know how the sound could stink in RRV, right? As for the atmosphere, well, it was always great! And yes we were lucky to meet BQ in those days.

    As for the bloke that saw giant rats (lol), all I can say is that it wasn’t me (or Pedro; we should remember that, right?). I remember being quite spaced out but not to that point…

  5. […] surprisingly for Herge, the book and photograph are absolutely real. The Stalker blog has a post on Tintin and Infrasound with more information on the book and photograph. Anauel, a non-english blog picks up on this and […]

  6. jock123 said

    Hi – nice to see the “Calculus Affair” mention; however, the photo is mis-identified. The Luftkanone is a completely different weapon; Leslie E. Simon’s book (which I am fortunate enough to have a copy of – it’s a technical but interesting read!) says that the parabolic device is in fact called the Schallkanone. As it happens, Hergé also appears to have erred, in that he suggests that it is an ultra-sound weapon. It was in fact an attempt to use targeted pressure-waves from methane explosions.



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