bourbonese qualk. RRV, Lisboa 08-12-1987

Some unreliable recollections and rough recordings of the gig we (bourbonese qualk) did at the Rock Rendezvous in Lisbon in the 80’s, (December 8th 1987 to be exact…my memory triggered by recent comments on this blog): At the time Portugal was undergoing a minor renaissance in new music – the Fascist dictatorship of the seventies had given way to a state of attrition between the traditional conservative catholic mainstream versus an ad-hoc collective of revolutionary groups, eccentrics and newly active youth. This polarization resulted in a profusion of new music groups such as (amongst many others) electronic experimentalists SPQR (who supported us at this gig), dark surrealists ‘Mão Morta’ and the cerebral pop of Pop De’ll Arte. Our gig was organized by the hyperactive João Peste of the Ama Romanta label – responsible of promoting much of the new Portuguese underground and hosted by Rock Rendezvous, the epicentre of live music in Lisbon at the time.

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Is the BNP Racist?

February 13, 2008

bnp1Is the pope Catholic?, do bears…? etc. Not a rhetorical question apparently but a live and highly intellectual debate on the BNP’s ( a UK based far right/fascist organisation) website. Sarah, my partner is crime, is the director of Dimsum, a British- Chinese community organisation which has made the BNP’s ‘Racist Organisations’ list (coming in at number 23!). How so? you may ask, well, the BNP’s logic goes that if the BNP is racist for supporting the rights of the downtrodden ‘indigenous british population’ then organisations that support other minority communities are also racist.

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