Is the BNP Racist?

February 13, 2008

bnp1Is the pope Catholic?, do bears…? etc. Not a rhetorical question apparently but a live and highly intellectual debate on the BNP’s ( a UK based far right/fascist organisation) website. Sarah, my partner is crime, is the director of Dimsum, a British- Chinese community organisation which has made the BNP’s ‘Racist Organisations’ list (coming in at number 23!). How so? you may ask, well, the BNP’s logic goes that if the BNP is racist for supporting the rights of the downtrodden ‘indigenous british population’ then organisations that support other minority communities are also racist.

As a member of said oppressed ‘indigenous british’ white community AND a member of the newly racist Dimsum organisation I wrote on the BNP’s forum asking how Dimsum – a racist organisation – could be so accepting of multiculturalism. Unfortunately most have my posts have been removed from the forum by the not only racist but also undemocratic BNP – what a surprise! – but please have a go yourself. I know it’s a bit pointless and not exactly high level debate but a bit of fascist bigot baiting is a great way to start the day!

The British National Party ‘Is The BNP Racist?’ Debate

3 Responses to “Is the BNP Racist?”

  1. catmar said

    Hey stalker! looks like your little rant didn’t raise a lot of comments..are you feeling lonely in your ivory tower?

  2. crab said

    yes i am, but thanks for brightening up my day!

    OBVIOUSLY the suggestion from the post is to harass the BNP on their home territory – which has been done, despite their best efforts at censorship. give it a go.

  3. felix crab said

    i always thought she looked at me funny,

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