Paris in the spring

March 7, 2008


More qualk nostalgia. This time some recordings made in Paris, April 1991. These recordings date from the ‘Unpop’ period and shortly after the entire group were permanently banned from entering France (…it’s a long story but we each had nice red circular stamps in our passports which said something like ‘banned from France”). We made a few small concerts in Paris, having sneaked over from Belgium (crafty, eh?) and then quickly off to Spain. The idea was to make some quiet, mostly improvised ‘café style’ dance concerts to flummox the usual crowd of noise loving goths. The recordings catch the group in a playful mood – a clear homage to Mahmoud Ahmed and Cheb Khaled. And, as usual the sound quality is pretty rough…

bourbonese qualk live Paris ‘EPE’ April 1991 8MB MP3

One Response to “Paris in the spring”

  1. I. Khider said

    Good sounds. It is a good idea to shake up the audience a bit and give them something they don’t expect. Especially when the music actually sounds nice. I remember going to see Autechre in 2001 when thy released Confield. I thought it was good they were doing something different, but it was also boring. It was just a-melodic textural stuff. This has a melody so I am into it.

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