“Triptyque” : Achwghâ ney wodei MP3s

April 29, 2008

Finally, an MP3 version of Achwghâ ney wodei’s “Triptyque” album with the remaining postcard prints and back cover design – thanks to Paphio23 and Maarten for providing MP3 rips of their vinyl:

new international recordings (NIR 872) 1988

B1 La Cervelle
B2 Pompette
B3 Tango
B4 La Brousse

C1 Budachwgha
C2 Remiton Pipo
D1 La Habanera
D2 Choelir Nereides
D3 Free Razz

E Triade Acoustique Pour Magnétophone Seul
F Triade Acoustique Pour Magnétophone Seul

9 Responses to ““Triptyque” : Achwghâ ney wodei MP3s”

  1. Nash Rose said

    Oh man, awesome…I’ve been waiting for this day to come. This band rules. I heard one of their songs on a comp like a year ago and have been dying to hear more. I write for WFMU blog and I’ll be reposting this all real soon. THANKS!!!!

  2. mister caz said


    I would be lying if I said I always wanted this,
    but the point made at the WFMU blog is true. There is a lotta great, really fantastic stuff being posted out there on the Internets….
    ..and record collecting won’t be the same.
    (or was that the point?)

  3. wjuro said

    Could you post it in flac ???

  4. me said

    great stuff ! but
    A2 , E and F downloads are not working

  5. […] Achwghac Ney Wodei – choelir nereides […]

  6. Thank you very much! I have this box for a long time but I do not have turntables anymore. So has past a long time since I heard this incredible band last time! What a piece of art! Amazing sounds and an astonishing and truly collectionable craftwork…
    Cheers from Portugal! Carlos Matos

  7. armeur h said

    could you repost the files ? I know it’s boring, but this band is so incredible !

  8. Vermand said

    pliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz repost it…..

  9. patrick said

    Server not found, please re-up!

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