“one-two-three-four-stop!” cro magnon: orgasm

June 5, 2008

Don’t let the cover put you off! (When David Tibet reviewed records for Sounds back in  ‘the eighties’ he told me that he just looked at the cover and threw the record away without listening to them…) – there was obviously an enforced visual dyslexia enforced during the 1960s…no matter…this record I like (people who know me faint in shock), arrived at by chance through random linking so i have no idea who cromagnon were apart from that this record was published in 1968 in the USA (and not to be confused by more recent ‘cromagnon’ bands).

What interests me is that this record contains everything that was to appear decades later in ‘experimental’ music and has a strong sense of purpose – it’s musical direction seems fully formed (as opposed to purely ‘experimental’); shades of Faust (Faust tapes), The Residents (imagine a youthful residents without synthesisers), Einstuerzende Neubauten, Zappa even (though it pains me to mention it…), Gong (at their best), Beefheart (trout), TG, Sun a etc, all mixed up with a tangential blend of Japanese Noh, NDR electronica c1950, presbyterian hymns, scottish folk, tibetan folk, american folk and, probably, a healthy dose of 60’s vintage class ‘A’s.

Surprisingly this forty year old album still stands up musically rather than being of purely historical interest (though that’s interesting enough…) not many works of the period pass that test…

download here: http://lix.in/17cd3e0c

5 Responses to ““one-two-three-four-stop!” cro magnon: orgasm”

  1. Tha cover alone looks like Yanni and The GRateful Dead snogging with Green Day. Can’t wait to listen!

  2. maarten said

    looks great! any idea what the rar-file’s password is?

  3. crab said

    oh yes…password is: sln2008

  4. Excellent! Now we finally have proof that alien beings not only visited Earth, but also Earth’s recording studios…

    Seriously – this is an awesome record. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Wendell said

    A hearty thanks to you for this. I agree with “it’s musical direction seems fully formed.” It is focused, not flailing about, self-consciously “testing the waters.” It just *does* it.

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