Free Morris

July 14, 2008

Morris Dance

on the 2 January 1492 the Andaluz city of Granada fell to a besieging army of christian Celts and franks ending 750 years of Arab civilisation in the Iberian Peninsula. What had become a haven of learning, culture and tolerance met the kind of violent end that was to characterise christian expansion; with papal approval Arab, morisco (mixed christian and Arab) and Jewish populations were indiscriminately slaughtered, the libraries and universities torched…

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“They have monopolised everything that it is possible to monopolise; they have got the whole earth, the minerals in the earth and the streams that water the earth. The only reason they have not monopolised the daylight and the air is that it is not possible to do it. If it were possible to construct huge gasometers and to draw together and compress within them the whole of the atmosphere, it would have been done long ago, and we should have been compelled to work for them in order to get money to buy air to breathe.”

Robert Tressell ‘The Ragged-Trousered Philanthropists’

A Geek-free guide to thieving wireless:

Everyone knows that ‘the best things in life are free’ so; here’s how to reclaim what was once designated as a junk frequency of the radio spectrum i.e. wifi/wireless 802.11#, and has now been commoditised by the likes of the monopolistic British Telecom. NB: This is intended as a laypersons’s practical guide to the art of wifi liberation and not an in-depth technical thesis on the subject. It’s also intended to stimulate debate and counter to the increased criminalisation of the practice. In the UK “Dishonestly obtaining free internet access is an offence under the Communications Act 2003 and a potential breach of the Computer Misuse Act” so here’s how it can be done:

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Free writing

July 2, 2008

xu bing \

Image: Xu Bing from “A Book from the Sky”

Free or ‘Asemic’ writing is writing with no direct semantic content, its meaning is implied and hinted at through abstraction. Meaning can be deduced by intuition and instinct – a natural understanding of shape or in shamanic religious work, through a power held in the design (usually transmitted through the artists from an external, mystical source). Asemic writing is art without rules; a form defined completely by the creator. The writer’s method can be a formal process – Xu Bing’s 4000 studiously detailed hand crafted characters – or divined through a trance or drug induced state – Gedewon‘s talismanic healing drawings, Michaux’s mescalin drawings – or ‘Psychography’ a personal cryptomnesiac script (echoes of ‘automatic writing’ of spiritualist mediums or Gysin/Borroughs ‘cut ups’ – a technique intended to reveal hidden meaning within a text by random and ‘magical’ association).

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