August 28, 2008

In one of the most drunken fits of my life, I single handedly managed to wreck a Bourbonese Qualk gig. Porto, Portugal, 198…9? 91? I love BQ, I have all their musical output, but I can’t avoid being proud of wreaking havoc that night. For years, people I didn’t know came up to me and asked: “aren’t you that guy who…” yes, that’s me!
haha! not quite what happened…you came on stage and miles strangled you until you passed out – while still playing guitar..
ah well, I MUST have been there…true, my memories are a bit hazy but I definitely don’t recall any drunken Portuguese ‘wreck’ the gig…I suspect that you were so drunk you wrecked the wrong gig.
Simon! Put up some more vids fer god’s sake!!!
um, ok…i’ll see what i’ve got.
Go on ! Bung something up, otherwise this is the only online evidence of your godlike genius… and I stole it off your own website anyway !
its impressive how music and people were so diferent…im 22 years old and a feel so disconected i wish i lived in the sixties
Ok,the whole story to refresh your memories:there was no stage, Labirinto is too small for a stage,and the place was packed.I was right at the front with my mate, and we were so drunk that we started plucking the guitar(bass?too drunk) strings while Miles(?) played on.He wasn’t too happy,so he kicked us a couple of times.I wasn’t too happy either,so when he put the guitar down(in between songs or during a song with no guitar,not sure)[continued on next comment]
Good for you, twat!! You sound like a genuine fucking arsehole. I’m sure your typical British Stag Night shenanigans are exactly what every BQ fan wants to read about. Thanks so much for being pushed out of your mother’s foul cunt!!!

Charming.  Jorge Stretcher WAS at the above mentioned gig (Bourbonese Qualk  at the Labirintho, Porto, Portugal in 1990) and made these recordings of the somewhat chaotic event:

Bourbonese Qualk live at the Labirintho, Porto, Portugal in 1990

2 Responses to “Labirintho”

  1. Great gig! Thanks for sharing, Simon.
    Thanks also to Jorge Stretcher, of course.

    If we are going to give credit to endopoiesis words, shouldn’t his actions be audible? I mean, I listened to the gig and there’s no way that guy wrecked the gig. I’m with you Simon, he wrecked the wrong gig…

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