Jesus ‘0’, Satan ‘1’

October 8, 2008

“Man will never be free until the last king is hanged with the entrails of the last priest.”
(attributed to) Denis Diderot

A group of Fundamentalist religious extremists have finally been evicted from St Mary’s in the Castle Arts Centre, Hastings, after a successful opposition campaign. The Sonrise Church which has occupied the Arts Centre will leave the building in january 2009 having endured years of “constant harassment from a minority of ‘nameless, faceless people” including death threats to the church members and congregation, egg throwing and vandalised cars: “we have been the subjects of a faith hate campaign. So extreme has this campaign against us as a family been that on several occasions we have had to involve the police” says Glen Khan head of the Church and Sky TV preacher.

The Church, which believes that  ” the bible is the literal inspired Word of God” and that Gay people are suffering from a psychiatric disorder and need to be be healed, is funded by the people of Hastings via an annual council grant of £10,000.

More reliable sources suggest that the complaint of a “Faith hate campaign” was invented to cover the Churches inability to find a congregation in Hastings receptive to their fundamentalist message and successfully engage with the local community.

Sonrise Church gained possession of the building in 2007 in a controversial closed deal which allowed Sonrise to operate as a church on condition that St Mary’s remained a Community arts Centre. Despite this agreement the Church has failed to deliver it’s promise to maintain the Arts Centre using the space instead as a front for it’s evangelist activities.


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4 Responses to “Jesus ‘0’, Satan ‘1’”

  1. get yer dates right mate!
    “leaving the building in january 2008” ??
    “gained possession in 1997” ??
    the enemy will always question every “fact” if there’s one single untruth!

  2.’s some blogging I did about it before I got bored!


  3. crab said

    of course! fixed. sub editor sacked.

  4. link to some of my blogs about it before I got bored!


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