December 12, 2008


‘Anarchist’ riots continue for the fifth day in Greece triggered by the police murder of  teenage boy and popular disgust at the self serving and corruption ridden right-wing government.  Here in London our own home-grown police murder goes almost unnoticed and  without a stone being thrown. The verdict from the  Jean Charles De Menezes killing inquest is expected today, yet in an outrageously blatant attempt at controlling the outcome  – echoing the history of Police lies and attempts at cover-up throughout the proceedings- the Coroner (Sir Michael Wright) instructed the jury to only deliver an ‘open’ or ‘lawful killing’ verdict. 

Jean Charles De Menezes was killed by the UK police in 2005. Supposedly mistaken for an Al Qaeida terrorist, Jean was forced to the floor of a tube train and shot seven times point blank in the face by the police.


image: The Jean Charles de Menezes memorial in Stockwell, South London



BBC Coverage of the killing

Justice4Jean campaign blog

Justice4Jean campaign website

Demonstration Against Police Repression in Solidarity with Greek revolt London 14/12/08

Coroner’s website

Coverage of the Greek Insurrection

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