“Summer of rage” round one: G20 Meltdown

March 3, 2009


“Anyone who was working in the City in 1999 will remember how awful those riots were. There were riot police banked outside my office and all the tube stations closed so I had to walk for miles through what was effectively a war zone. It was absolutely terrifying and I’m afraid I can’t believe there is anything more behind it than a desire to cause as much damage and mayhem as possible. The mindset is no better than that of football hooligans, if not worse. I for one will be taking April 1st as a day’s holiday rather than risk putting myself through anything like that again.”

London Evening Standard march 2009


Roll Up!, Roll Up! A unique spectacle in the city of London! watch open mouthed as the previously timorous British middle class comes face to face with baton wielding riot cops. Will they burn the banks and take the train back to Barnet? or get mashed to a bloody pulp in  police coralls?

On April 1st 2009 there will be a series of demonstrations planned to coincide with the G20 conference in the City Of London ( the conference itself will be held at the the Excel centre in the docklands area) . The novelty of this multi-agenda jamboree is the curious and unlikely alliance of Radio Four ‘Money Box’ listeners and the usual anarcho-troublemakers; one intent on bringing the capitalist state to it’s knees,  fired up with the recent examples of Athens and Palestine, the other righteously indignant, furious even, at the loss of their savings, SIPs, ISAs and equity in real estate at the hands of inept plutocratic bankers:


“TOP secret contingency plans have been drawn up to counter the threat posed by a “summer of discontent” in Britain. The “double-whammy” of the worst economic crisis in living memory and a motley crew of political extremists determined to stir up civil disorder has led to the ­extraordinary step of the Army being put on ­standby.

Intelligence sources said the police, backed by MI5, are determined to stay on top of a situation that could spiral out of control as the recession bites deep. The chilling prospect of soldiers being drafted on to the streets has not been discounted, although it is regarded as a last resort. What worries emergency planners most is that the middle classes, now struggling to cope with unemployment and repossessions, may take to the streets with the disenfranchised. The source said “this potent cocktail is reminiscent of the poll tax riots which fatally wounded Margaret Thatcher’s government in 1990…”

Daily Express. March 1st 2009

Inevitably the demonstrations will follow the usual procedure:  a lengthy standoff between the aforementioned righteously angry demonstrators will overheat (self appointed SWP ‘stewards’ siding with the cops will try and diffuse the situation) and an unplanned, spontaneous but spirited attack will be made on the most heavily defended, well armed police lines resulting in much bloodshed and months of accusations of police brutality (isn’t’ that their job?). The then battered and bloodied demonstrators will be held in police ‘kettles’ for about four hours until order is imposed. and then either arrested or sent on their weary way.

To avoid this sort of debacle a number of tactics learnt from previous actions should be observed:

Reconaisance: ‘case the joint’ before the battle begins. look for likely soft targets that are hard to defend. the City of London provides myriads of small alleyways and side streets that will be hard to police.

Don’t go with the crowd: let the main police body be distracted by the random and spontaneous surge. Form a small group of like-minded individuals with one pre-defined action in mind

plan an escape: make sure you know all of the exit routes

Be invisible: dress to be average and hide in the crowd – present no distinguishing details for the police FIT teams. Make a note of and avoid the many surveillance cameras in the area.

Dress: bring warm clothing and sustenance in case you do get trapped in a police kettle. Wear tight clothing and avoid scarves, belts, bags etc that can easily be grabbed.

A  more detailed  article on riot survival techniques  from SchNews  is here

And further information on police tiot control and expected tactics can be found here:

British police public order manual

“The British police public order manual is a secret document establishing a paramilitary third force in the UK, under the control of a private company (ACPO) with permission from the home office” (Indymedia):
whythepoliceriot_part1 – application/pdf 2.2M



Google Map of the City Of London area

one of many demonstration websites: http://www.g-20meltdown.org/

all about the summit: http://www.londonsummit.gov.uk/en/

what is the G20: http://www.g20.org/

Watching the Forward Intelligence Teams:  http://fitwatch.blogspot.com/

Whitechapel Anarchists: http://whitechapelanarchistgroup.wordpress.com/


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  1. Birju Tailor said

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    An Image appears here on your website of the police contolling the riot. (https://crab.wordpress.com/2009/03/03/summer-of-rage-round-one-g20-meltdown/#more-478)

    Please could you inform me if you are the original rights holder for this image or alternatively, if not, where you obtained this image from?

    Any help you could provide would be much appreciated,

    Many Thanks

    Birju Tailor

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