bourbonese qualk live. DMA2 1988

June 3, 2009

bourbonese qualk dma2 bourdeax 1989

bourbonese qualk. dma2 bourdeax 1988

DMA was a record label and music promotion organisation based in Bordeaux who were best known for the annual DMA2 ‘Divergences/Divisions’ music festival during the late eighties. This festival became one of the most respected ‘experimental with an industrial slant’ music event in Europe and featured such stars as as Legendary Pink Dots, Nocturnal Emissions, The Hafler Trio, laibach and of course, Bourbonese Qualk.

The event was well organised and clearly well funded; paying enough for us to make a nightmarish, chemical fueled London-to-Bordeaux round trip (the driver ordering me to keep slapping his face to stop him passing out as we drove erratically along the Loire…) . The venue was large enough to contain numerous stages, one for each band, and importantly, provided well stocked ‘riders’ backstage ( a ‘rider’ being free food and booze made available to the band). All of the groups were booked at the same hotel and socially and enthusiastically overindulged in the hospitality except for, it has to be said, laibach, who spent most of their time locked in their rooms adjusting their hair and replica uniforms.

Of our performance i remember little except for Owen (the drummer) falling 3 meters off the back of the stage (unsecured drum kit) but climbing back up, uninjured and right on the beat, and Miles Miles drunken to unconsciousness being pulled back to the hotel by his feet – his head bumping along the medieval Bordeaux cobblestones…

Download an excerpt from the show here (4.4mb MP3 file)

Thanks to Tristan koreya and paphio23 and Nostalgie De la Boue


1984: Anne Gillis, DDAA, Die Form, Étant Donnés, Ptôse, Un Département, Yuca Ferdanzen (all from France)


1985: Bernard Nguyen (France), Legendary Pink Dots (UK), Le Syndicat / ORA / Pacific 231 (France), Nocturnal Emissions (UK), Non Toxique Lost (Germany), Pascal Comelade & Bel Canto Orchestra (France), Such Interesting People (Belgium)


1986: Anthon Shield & DZ Lectric (France), Das Synthetische Mischgewebe (Germany), DDAA (France), Esplendor Geometrico (Spain), Fâlx Çèrêbri (Germany), Laibach (Yougoslavia), Sol Dièse & Phil Gaz (France), Vivenza (France)


1987: Ghédalia Tazartès & Alain Rigout (France), Hervé Diasnas (France), Joan La Barbara (US), Natural Disasters (Hungary), Paul Panhuysen & Johan Goedhart (Netherlands), Test Dept (UK)


1988: Anne Gillis (France), Bourbonese Qualk (UK), Étant Donnés (France), Greater Than One (UK), The Hafler Trio (UK), In The Nursery (UK), Laibach (Yougoslavia), Von Magnet (France), Z’ev (US)


1989: Con-Dom (UK), G.X. Jupitter-Larsen & Masami Akita (Canada/Japan), The Haters (Canada), Merzbow (Japan), Natural Disasters (Hungary), Nox (France), THU20 (Netherlands), Vox Populi! (France).

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