what the song you play that?

August 11, 2009

leytonstone, london summer 2009.

leytonstone, london summer 2009.

As work on ‘The New Album’ comes to a close i’m faced with the inevitable quandary of not only what to call it, but what to call the ‘band’ and also decide the names of all (well, most) of  the songs. It’s not that the ‘songs’ aren’t about anything it’s just that describing them via titles would come across at best as either sterile – numbers, dates, sequences – or pretentious; trying to succinctly enunciate the meaning of the piece in short form. So, with this in mind i decided a good first approach would be to apply a logical process that will not only ensure commercial success but provide meaningful, memorable titles that will resonate with the intended demographic target…kind of:


  1. Find a list of song titles from the last, say, fifty years that have had some kind of chart success…
  2. Find the most repeated words within that list i.e. the most used song title words in the last fifty years…
  3. Stick these words together randomly to create two or more word song titles

so, the top forty words from the top ten songs of the last fifty years are:

ain’t around away baby blue boy cry dance dream eyes girl give gonna happy heart heaven home kiss lady life live lonely love man mine moon music night oh rain rock rose song star sweet theme tonight wanna woman world

It almost writes itself…

7 Responses to “what the song you play that?”

  1. “moon music night”

    didn’t Current 93 already do that?

  2. Rob said

    track suggestions:

    theme theme theme.

    ain’t oh.

    man eyes rain.

    wanna mine rock.

    also, you should call your band ‘Norwich Union’, as it’s not being used any more.

  3. crab said

    ah, the ‘theme’ bit = spreadsheet stupidity

  4. zincink said

    I found the music by sheer accident and it reminded me of Throbbing Gristle, Borghesia and Skinny Puppy a bit. I have been listening to it now thanks to the user szatowski on Youtube. I am interested in hearing some new material.

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