Orgonite melt

November 9, 2009

Geoff Leigh has uploaded some of his video experiments with ice formed under the influence of orgonite (with a soundtrack of some music work we did earlier this year). Orgonite, a dubious by-product of the Willhelm Reich school of pseudo-science, is an agglomerate of left handed metal swarf and acrylic resin said to have mysterious and mystical properties…


Geoff Leigh on myspace

5 Responses to “Orgonite melt”

  1. Georg said

    Well there is much more to it than superstion or mystery. The worldwide orgonite community has quite a bit of evidence to show that this really works.
    Check out and follow the links to the expedition reports or the general article about orgonite. You can also download the free ebook about orgonite and it’s application on a large scale at

  2. Henrico Reed said

    all very interesting stuff – re: orgonite – I just think the “sculptures” look interesting from a purely visual & abstract point of view.
    this “dubious by-product” also contains crushed quartz, which may account for certain properties allegedly ascribed to it.
    & as far as Mr. Reich’s “pseudo-science” goes, I’ll stick with “Mass Psychology Of Fascism” thanks very much!
    right on the ball.

  3. really interesting stuff! loved the video as well the colours and shapes in it are beautiful

  4. BDO Adams said

    Very interesting, it looks almost like the pieces of orgonite (any difference between the red and the blue), don’t like the
    ice bridge between to melt, the melting happens on other spots, but to be sure we’d need the experiment done many times, and also done with a non orgonite samples the same size (and near thermal properties), to see if there’s any
    real science going on there. I’m not sure I believe I orgone
    energy, despite having come up with a theory that would explain it. [Basicly I give neutrinos a force acting between them, that forms a fluid that flows like electricity in most substance, doricly charged if the substance is neutron rich (most metals) and orgonicaly charged if the substance is proton rich (water, hydrogen and most organics).] Come to website,, if you want to evaluate my theory (warning the full paper is quite mathly), it doesn’t mention orgone, because respectable scientists don’t believe in orgone. That’s why i’d like to see more experiments to prove it one way of the other.

  5. orgonite said

    thanks for video , realy useful information

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