The blog of simon crab of sunseastar, N.I.R., Recloose Organisation, Informal and Bourbonese Qualk..amongst others. I started writing this blog to try and work out why people write blogs and, through sheer laziness, to answer in one go questions that people have asked me. there is no overall theme to the site but it tends to be about issues around music and sound.

26 Responses to “About”

  1. Steve Cammack said

    Fascinating blog site that I have just chanced upon. I put Bourbonese Qualk in to google because I was interested to know whether or not those early recordings were to be re-released / re-packaged as CD’s. Nigel Ayers seems to be doing it! And what about “Songs Of The New International” picture disc, any chance of those compilation releases being given the same treatment??
    Fascinating site as I mentioned, and finally I get to see what Het Zweet look like!!
    Cari Saluti.

  2. Hello, blog site is gerad und cool Artikels.

  3. Simon!

    SO cool to find your blog! I’m not even sure how I did but I think it had something to do with the wonders of Google. Glad to see you are still a good Thetcherite and the collaborations with Rick Astley are going swimmingly!

    Ahem. Seriously, I am looking forward to hearing your latest stuff. Your music has opened my pedestrian American ears in so many ways.


  4. Bill said

    Hello, I recently wrote about BQ on my website, and want to thank you guys for the good sounds. I would be interested in hearing your new music if you could throw a link of some information my way. I would be honored if you’d view my site and read about yourself :)

    BTW, listening to the song Temporale right now. I really love this one. I would love to hear a whole album of stuff like this. Very nice.

  5. Bill said

    Doh. I did not see the links above already. My bad :))

  6. chinaman said

    You shoud be the journalist with your great talent

  7. ivan maria vele said

    hey simon
    just found this blog…nice! moscow miles mind blows ..uncertain times BUT
    good memories..nice to read about it again.

  8. Javi said

    Hi, i´m looking for information about BOURBONESE QUALK. I´m looking for for a long time this song, around 1986 or previous, and a friend tell me perhaps it´s this group. Please, listen to this unknow song for me in this link:

    Is it BOURBONESE QUALK or not?.

    Do you know any forum, web, blog,…can help me to identify this song?.

    Thanks for reply and your blog, and regards from Spain.

  9. GERARDO said

    HOLA(HI) very very good site,well I play bass guitar in a anarchopunk band of name KAMENISH,form part of one anarchist collective of my city MAR DEL PLATA(south of buenso aires capitol).I make too one anarchopunkzine of name DEKADENCIA HUMANA and now go the new number in here put on in groups dekadencia g and can you read(SORRY ONLY IN SPANISH for now) things mine.
    I have toomuch interest in have one note report about the conecction ANARCHISM IDEAS WITH EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC and I believe wht you cna write on this¿you can?,friends send one great embrace!!! DEKADENCIA G

    • crab said

      Hola Gerardo!
      thanks for your comments – i’m downloading DEKADENCIA HUMANA right now…by pure chance i was also researching into the anarchist revolts in argentina and patagonia during the 1920’s.

      greetings from london


  10. Marie said

    Please excuse this rather vague comment. The name “Bourbonese Qualk” rang a bell with me, after I came across it surfing for all sorts of other things. A friend (my literary agent) told me he was acquainted with you in Southport in the early 1980s, and has a couple of (maybe) interesting photos. Please feel free to email me if you would like to see them, and I’ll put the two of you in touch.

  11. Sea Wanton said

    hello. hope you are doing fine. lately I received a letter from frank (from the label ‘VOD’ – vinyl on demand). he’s specialised in re-releasing this ancient ‘cassette culture’ stuff (from the 80s). he would like to get more infos about some ??? recordings of BQ (5 ??? tapes), which had been published between 82-84. in case you can help out, it would be very kind if you could reply. thanks in advance. all the best from Berlin. Sea W.

  12. fpunk said

    I was wondering if you could re-up Achwghâ Ney Wodei Triptyque? Here’s hoping you’ll be posting more frequently in the future.

  13. Where did the name “Bourbonese Qualk” come from. ???

  14. Adventures In Reality said

    Hi Simon

    I’m reissuing The Last Supper on CD in 2012 and wanted to check you are cool with that as there is a BQ track ‘In The Flesh’ featured. E-mail me at It’d be good to hear from you again after all these years.

  15. Vanessa said

    Can you please, please let me know how I can get hold of the copyright owner of this ashphaltophone image. I am putting together a learning unit to be published on a website for teachers which is about Musical Roads. I have to submit it in a few more days but I would really like to include a copy of the image on your blog. Can you tell me where it came from? Is it an original photo of yours, is it out of a newspaper – if so which one and from when? Please, please can you let me know!


  16. Zizi P said

    Hi, I saw BQ play live in Sevilla, Spain. I found the Spike vinyll this summer in Amsterdam. Thanks for all the great sounds!


  17. Mark Williams said

    I left a comment an hour or so ago, but it doesn’t show. I was hoping for the proper tracklisting for “On Uncertainty,” which got all convoluted in the comparison of CD to CD booklet notes. It’s probably an old question that’s been answered before, but I can’t lay my hands on an answer at the moment. Are you able to help at all?

  18. Bagas said


    When I was a kid I saw BQ in a small place in the city of Coimbra (1988 or 89 I think). I never forgot that. Thanks for this.
    I’m not a musician but I’m trying to mix some sounds and inviting you to listen them if you still have patient for this kind of things ( )
    By the way, I just made a google search to find info about BQ, after doing this nostalgic video ( hope you don’t mind…

  19. Daniel said

    Do you know why Bourbonese Qualk chose that as their band name?

  20. Neil Taylor said

    Hi, I’m writing a book about indie music during the years 1983-86 and would like to talk to you about Ambulance Station/etc. I went many times during that period and wrote about a number of bands that played there, including The Jesus & Mary Chain, who I interviewed for the NME at the AS on the day of the show. Can you help? Neil Taylor

  21. Hello – I’m interested in making a documentary on Muslimgauze and it would be great to talk to you about it.

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