That Muslimgauze book.

September 3, 2014



Ibrahim’s book on Muslimgauze ‘Chasing the Shadow of Bryn jones’ has been out for some time now but I thought I’d give it a little extra publicity boost. Not that anyone I know could afford to buy it – if you are really keen you can buy a whole box set of vinyl and book from VOD for 219,99 Euro. As I may have mentioned before, I don’t get this vinyl collecting thing (or collecting anything come to that) so such behaviour is beyond me.

I was asked to creatively direct the project after the project almost collapsed when the original designer suffered a near-fatal cycle accident and I suppose because I new Bryn well from the Recloose days – we released a number of his works and in effect launched his ‘career’; something for which he was eternally unthankful.

The book is a plush affair beautifully printed and laid out by designer Eric Kessel using original and rare material. ‘Chasing the SHadow’  goes into obsessive detail on the Muslimgauze subject – basically Bryn didn’t do anything but spend time in a local recording studio releasing record after record…which doesn’t make for exciting reading unless you are an MG devotee. I’m not totally convinced that his work deserves such lengthy scrutiny but it does hold together as a ‘total object’ and as such is a good testament to Bryn’s life and work.


IMG_20140506_154628 IMG_20140506_154817 IMG_20140506_154753

Paris in the spring

March 7, 2008


More qualk nostalgia. This time some recordings made in Paris, April 1991. These recordings date from the ‘Unpop’ period and shortly after the entire group were permanently banned from entering France (…it’s a long story but we each had nice red circular stamps in our passports which said something like ‘banned from France”). We made a few small concerts in Paris, having sneaked over from Belgium (crafty, eh?) and then quickly off to Spain. The idea was to make some quiet, mostly improvised ‘café style’ dance concerts to flummox the usual crowd of noise loving goths. The recordings catch the group in a playful mood – a clear homage to Mahmoud Ahmed and Cheb Khaled. And, as usual the sound quality is pretty rough…

bourbonese qualk live Paris ‘EPE’ April 1991 8MB MP3