“We are on the verge of moving into the music business in a big way – something with enormous cultural, political and financial potential.”

BNP Chairman Mr. Nick Griffin 2005

What would British music sound like if it was free of racial ‘impurities’ and  foreign influence, what would the undefiled, ‘indigenous’ British top ten sound like? The obvious answer would be that it wouldn’t sound like anything because music has been for millenia a fertile mix of multiple cultural influences echoing the mixed racial and cultural profile of the people who make it. Despite this, white supremacists seem intent on defining ‘M.O.W.I.’ – Music of White Origin –  as the genre of choice of the true white indigenous British race.

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Is the BNP Racist?

February 13, 2008

bnp1Is the pope Catholic?, do bears…? etc. Not a rhetorical question apparently but a live and highly intellectual debate on the BNP’s ( a UK based far right/fascist organisation) website. Sarah, my partner is crime, is the director of Dimsum, a British- Chinese community organisation which has made the BNP’s ‘Racist Organisations’ list (coming in at number 23!). How so? you may ask, well, the BNP’s logic goes that if the BNP is racist for supporting the rights of the downtrodden ‘indigenous british population’ then organisations that support other minority communities are also racist.

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