Part 1: ‘Long Range Audio Device’

Baghdad, Fallujah, New York, Tbilisi

Designed and built by the American technology Corporation in 2005 and originally designed as a ship to ship hailing device to protect US naval shipping, LRAD is now used by the Illegal American occupation forces in Iraq as an assault weapon, by the US government on their own people as part of their ‘non lethal’ arsenal for crowd control and more recently by the (US sponsored) Georgian state to repress internal dissent.

LRAD emits a high pitched warning tone “similar to a fire alarm” or a series of ‘verbal challenges’ (translatable through an inbuilt ‘phrase-olator’ or online via TCP/IP connection “immediately retrieve thousands of messages recorded by the Defense Language Institute”) over a maximum effective land distance of 300metres at a volume of120-150db(1.). Used at medium range and beyond the manufactures specified duration the device is capable of delivering sounds well beyond the human pain theshold (120 – 140 dB); at a distance of 90m the LRAD will cause intense pain and permanent hearing loss(2.)


(image: back of the LRAD)

The LRAD is basically a series of in-phase speakers (not a infra-sound generator as commonly supposed). The phasing of the sound (combined amplitude giving louder sound) gives the device the ability to project high frequency sounds over a long distance at high volume.To focus the sound the LRAD uses a set of out of phase speakers around the perimeter of the device to phase-cancel the sound giving a directional arc of 30 degrees. Fifteen degrees outside the beam, the volume drops about 20 dB which although still loud means that the operator can focus the LRAD to a specific target without being themselves affected.


  • Range: 300 meters over land or 500 meters (1640 feet) over water.
  • Beam width: About 30 degrees
  • Size: 33-inch diameter by 5-inch thickness
  • Weight: 45 lbs
  • Input: Microphone, laptop, MP3 player, CD player, ‘Phraselator’ translation device
  • Maximum Volume: 120 dB at 1 meter in normal operation, 146 dB sustained or 151 dB burst at 1 meter with override

(1.) The American Technology Corporation (ATCO)
(2.)Carl Gruenler, (former) vice president of military and government operations for American Technology Corp