A Short History of Sound Weapons Pt2: Infrasound

January 14, 2008


(image: Vladimir Gavreau)

Infrasound is low frequency audio beneath the human range of hearing. Infrasound constantly surrounds us, generated naturally; wind, waves, earthquakes and by man; building activity, traffic, air conditioners and so-on. Low frequency sound is used by marine mammals to communicate over vast distances and by birds to determine migration patterns.

At higher volumes infrasound of around 7-20hz can directly affect the human central nervous system causing disorientation, anxiety, panic, bowel spasms, nausea, vomiting and eventually unconsciousness (supposedly 7-8hz is the most effective being the same frequency as the average brain alpha wave). The effect is unintentionally (or not?) generated by the extreme low frequencies in church pipe organ music, instilling religous feelings and causing sensations of “extreme sense sorrow, coldness, anxiety, and even shivers down the spine.”(1) in the unsuspecting congregation. Low frequency sound generated naturally or by building work and traffic is said to be the cause of reported apparitions and hauntings (2) – blamed on the ghostly 19hz frequency which matches the resonating frequency of the human eyeball:

Frequency & effects:

7 Hz: Supposedly the most dangerous frequency corresponding with the median alpha-rhythm frequencies of the brain. It has also been alleged that this is the resonant frequency of the body’s organs therefore organ rupture and even death can occur at prolonged exposure.

1-10hz: “Intellectual activity is first inhibited, blocked, and then destroyed. As the amplitude is increased, several disconcerting responses have been noted. These responses begin a complete neurological interference. The action of the medulla is physiologically blocked, its autonomic functions cease.” (Gavreau )

43-73hz: ” lack of visual acuity, IQ scores fall to 77% of normal, distortion of spatial orientation, poor muscular coordination, loss of equilibrium, slurred speech, and blackout”.(Gavreau )

50-100hz: “intolerable sensations in the chest and thoracic region can be produced – even with the ears protected. Other physiological changes that can occur include chest all vibration and some respiratory rhythm changes in human subjects, together with hypopharyngeal fullness (gagging). The frequency range between 50 and 100 Hz also produces mild nausea and giddiness at levels of 150 – 155 dB, at which point subjective tolerance is reached. At 150 to 155 dB (0.63 to 1.1 kPA), respiration-related effects include substernal discomfort, coughing, severe substernal pressure, choking respiration, and hypopharyngeal discomfort.” (Davies)

100hz – At this level, a person experiences irritation, “mild nausea, giddiness, skin flushing, and body tingling.” Following this, a person undergoes “vertigo, anxiety, extreme fatigue, throat pressure, and respiratory dysfunction.”(Gavreau )



(images: tables from “Acoustic Weapons—A Prospective Assessment: Sources, Propagation, and Effects of Strong Sound” Jürgen Altmann)

The first documented attempt to reproduce the infrasound effects was by the much mythologised Russian/French physicist Vladimir Gavreau in 1957. Gavreau became interested in infrasound when he was asked to cure a case of ‘Sick Building Syndrome'; Staff at a research plant in Marseilles were mysteriously falling ill. Chemical or pathogen poisoning was suspected but Gavreau eventually traced the origin of the illnesses to an air conditioning units rotating fans that were generating low frequency sound waves. Gavreau began to experiment with low frequency acoustics with the intention of creating a viable audio weapon for the French military. Several prototype designs of various sizes were produced christened ‘canon sonique’ consisting of piston driven tubes and smaller compressed air horns and whistles. Gavreau and his team tested the instruments on themselves at the Marseilles plant with unexpected success as apparently one of the team died instantly “his internal organs… mashed into an amorphous jelly by the vibrations”:

“Luckily, we were able to turn it off quickly. All of us were sick for hours. Everything in us was vibrating: stomach, heart, lungs. All the people in the other laboratories were sick too. They were very angry with us.


(image: Dr. Zippermeyer’s Luftkanone stationed at a bridge over the Elbe river to defend the bridge from enemy aircraft)

The only known audio weapon to have been deployed was developed by the German military during the final phase of the Second World War. The ‘Luftkanon’ or ‘Wirbelwind Kanonew’ as a sound weapon designed to shoot down enemy aircraft by creating a vortex of sound:

“…design consisted of a parabolic reflector, 3.2 meters in diameter, having a short tube which was the combustion chamber or sound generator, extending to the rear from the vertex of the parabola. The chamber was fed at the rear by two coaxial nozzles, the outer nozzle emitting methane, and the central nozzle oxygen. The length of the chamber was one-quarter the wavelength of the sound in air. Upon initiation, the first shock wave was reflected back from the open end of the chamber and initiated the second explosion. The frequency was from 800 to 1500 impulses per second. The main lobe of the sound intensity pattern had a 65 degree angle of opening, and at 60 meters’ distance on the axis a pressure of 1000 microbars had been measured. No physiological experiments were conducted, but it was estimated that at such a pressure it would take from 30 to 40 seconds to kill a man. At greater ranges, perhaps up to 300 meters, the effect, although not lethal, would be very painful and would probably disable a man for an appreciable length of time. Vision would be affected, and low-level exposures would cause point sources of light to appear as lines.”


Much written about infrasound and infrasound weaponry is based on mythology, conspiracy theory and bad science. despite this, attempts to debunk the theory have failed to destroy the interest in sound weapons with new rumours emerging of Russian secret weapon factories exploding and US police using infrasound as riot control. Probably the best analysis is Jürgen Altmann’s paper on the feasibility of sonic weapons which remains tantalisingly inconclusive; low frequency sound can cause physical damage but is impractical as a weapon.

A link to an interesting debate on the feasibility of building low frequency speakers: http://srforums.prosoundweb.com/index.php/mv/tree/27986/261708/72/

“The US military was playing with a helicopter mounted sonic device back in the 70’s I think. You dropped a pickup on top of a concrete pill box, three helicopters would position out of range
and bombard the pill pox with a sine wave. Once the resonant freq was dialed in, the concrete crumbled to dust in a minute or two. Very effective but dangerous as a minute is an eternity on a battlefield.”


1. Organ Music Instills Religious Feelings,’ by Jonathan Amos, 9/8/2003

2. Vic Tandy. University of Coventry UK. “The Ghost in the Machine.”

Gavreau V., “Sons graves intenses et infrasons” in: Scientific Progres – la Nature (Sept. 1968) p. 336-344

“Acoustic Weapons—A Prospective Assessment: Sources, Propagation, and Effects of Strong Sound” Jürgen Altmann, Experimentelle Physik III. Universität Dortmund, Dortmund, Germany

‘Acoustic Trauma: Bioeffects of Sound,’ by Alex Davies

the Sonic Weapon of Vladimir Gavreau, by Gerry Vassilatos

39 Responses to “A Short History of Sound Weapons Pt2: Infrasound”

  1. excellent reading !!

    now playing: T.A.G.C. – Psychoegoautocratical Auditory Physiogomy Delineated

    • mo5ect said

      Please forward details and addresses of any sites that have links to audio in weaponry, security and safety. Be it everyday applications, military, police, security, personal home national international whatever. Its for my college work. Thank you

      • Jones said


        I had a direct experience with an inadvertent application of a “sound-weapon” apparently made from commercially available materials. It was from as best as I could tell, a air-conditioning unit operating at a hotel. The effective range of the sound disturbance was about 3-5 football fields from what I could tell. The effect was nausea, some disorientation, disruption to mental focus and a perception of an extremely low humming sound. I found years before an article detailing a similar accidental finding by a group of researchers. The machinery is a type of swamp cooler? air-conditioning unit. Apparently the sound is created by the air pressures in the units room installation and room size, and the working speed of the unit. From my experience it was an effective disruptor of mental performance and disturbing as well. Sound did travel through walls, but was stronger outside. I reported this to the police here. The sound was not of a high nature but of an extremely low almost inaudible scale. Closer to the source it did not affect you, but you could hear it as a booming constant bass sound. As the sound waves came into “resonance”? at distance 300yd. it created a disturbed, not well feeling within your body. 300 to 600 yd. seemed to be its’ effective range, although it may have carried much farther.

      • KHURRAM said


  2. I. Khider said

    When Merzbow did a show in Toronto, I took him out for a capucino. He told me about the time he was invited to the USSR to do a show. He discovered the reason he was invited was that the KGB was interested in using his music as a weapon. Mr. Akita was not too pleased about that–but neither was the KGB when they found his music was basically harmless.

  3. Neanderthal Man said

    My personal exposure to repeated attacks by a CRAP MUSIC loving neighbor with extreme LOW FREQ BASE AMPLIFICATION got me to this site because of it’ extreme effects on my physical and psychological well being(or more precisely LACK there-of)This CRIES out for criminal statutes to PROTECT the PUBLIC from the DANGEROUS EFFECTS of the ELF BASE audio systems being played in autos in metrpolitan areas. The MANTRA of these HATE BASED Crap tunes:SEX DRUGS Disrespect of women,LAW ENFORCEMENT and the children they ABUSE while “enjoying their FREEDOM to listen to what they please,Does not EXTEND to TORTURING the NON-like minded PUBLIC and the likelyhood of future LITIGATION of the MAUFACTURERS,INSTALLERS and EXPOSERS of this ilth is bound to be forhcomming in this LITIGIOUS SOCIETY! FED-UP CITIZEN

  4. [...] on the ghostly 19hz frequency which matches the resonating frequency of the human eyeball: … A Short History of Sound Weapons Pt2: Infrasound stalker __________________ Follow me [...]

  5. akshay said

    tell me some site to get the information about sound technology and latest research and infomation about the sound directivites and design of speaker

  6. be in want of newsletter



    WAS IST LOS???

  7. [...] [27] crab.wordpress.com/2008/01/14/a-short-history-of-sound-weapons-pt2-infrasound/ [...]

  8. [...] [27] crab.wordpress.com/2008/01/14/a-short-history-of-sound-weapons-pt2-infrasound/ [...]

  9. yes acoustic weapon is very painful and even after when csis turn nit off i have had head pains.

  10. yes acoustic weapon is very painful and even after when csis turn it off i have had head pains.

  11. yes and even after when csis turn it off it still gives me head aches months after.

  12. [...] applications include producing “non-lethal” weapons that disable victims using sound. This site has a nice list of the effects of sound at various levels. At one frequency, your organs rupture. [...]

  13. Many thanks and maintain post this particular type of informative blogs.

  14. Sanderling said

    Can anyone tell me how I might go about determining if i am being subject to a sound weapon? What professional, accoustic or electrical engineer? would have the tools to make such an evaluation?

  15. Vincent said

    I have heard some years ago that somebody designed a portable system where you could see where the frequencies are coming from focused and unfocused but i can’t remember the name. I believet this guy was a homo sapien from holland,…

  16. Denise Williams said

    I have noticed a low intermittent hum easily masked by even the hum of a computer which causes extreme symptoms in my body – even if you can’t hear it, you can feel it. On most days I have many occasions in which the anxiety/tension is accompanied by what is perceived as an odor which I can smell and taste though no one else can although many people I know have mentioned an ill taste in their mouth. With the odor comes bowel spasms, extreme nausea, and sometimes and inability to feel as though I can breath, heart palpations, fluctuations of body temperature, extreme muscle tension which does not release causing my entire body to cramp and experience acute pain and loss of coordination, light headedness, and extreme thirst causing me to drink up to 4 gallons of water in a 24 hour period amongst a myriad of other ill symptoms. I have ended up in the ER several times over this in the last couple of years always treated with oxygen, sometimes IV and valium based drugs resulting in the treatment of anxiety and depression on a regular basis. I feel sometimes as though I am being driven from my mind and the slightest unexpected sound then feels like I have been physically punched in my stomach sending shock waves throughout my body. I have also experience symptoms of rage and cognitive interuption. But what I notice as I pay attention recently always is this sound.

    I live in Santa Fe, NM. For decades I had heard of the Taos Hum. It is a soft mid-range hum that increases slowly and then drops off. Then a few years ago I read and heard from others that the Taos Hum had moved to Santa Fe and it was causing much insanity. Following 3 days of sleeplessness, and finally getting off the meds which didn’t help with the symptoms while on the meds but increased them as well as causing a lot of ill side effects, last night I monitored this sound from 2:43am until 4:43am and then again starting at 6am. I understand that sound can cause pleasure and pain of many sorts. I have tried various forms of pleasing sound including white sound and other sound barriers, but am wondering if there is any kind of sound which will heal as a barrier to this harmful sound which surrounds and pulsates throughout Santa Fe? As well if there is any action I might take to stop it? Further if we are victims of experimental sound weapons.

    I appreciate your time especially considering my sleep deprived state of mind which is a form of torture rendering me unable to state concisely anything as well as much psychological and emotional turbulance. All aspects of my physical, psychological and emotional life are impacted. . ..

    • kate said

      You can come here VA and I had similar syptom with none stop sound weapon especially human voice’s illustrate and mindread to outside. I got an serious attack in MD and came to VA but still same condition. The serious thing should be sound weapon because people outside could here me at certain many shop and places. Certain people outside just hear and try to copy other people and it’s annoying too. I also had many spy behind and around me and all this happened almost near 2 years. Your syptom is very similar with me and I have more things…. I am really sick of these human voices,,, and just sound weapon with none human voices was much better than many human’s voices based on computer effect… They could operate distance of hearing and volume of hearing and also use computer sound: it should be electric piano instrument back music, general music, sound like signal, artificial human’s voice, machinary sound at shop but I really don’t like human’s voices because they don’t stop their talking. They just keep talking nonestop inside space. Recently they added smell and taste, hot temperature on face and cold

      • kate said

        cold blood run on body temporaly and repeatly.
        More over those sound, when I clog my ear, I could always hear certain human voice without computer sound very closely. I really don’t like this, too. It has never been stop.
        Well, pain like pararell or pule rate or unusual organ or unusual breath is alway and they make fake and dirty dream, too. I have some white line and blue line on face from torture in MD and it stopped here but they are playing with dirty smell.
        I just want to make hearing stop. That’s what I want.
        Nonestop talking with many people as a sound weapon, it is anoying. It’s almost over a year. Just chattering among people as a sound weapon, it is seriously annoying, too. Because they are nonestop almost near over 1 and half year, I am exusted. People around me, they keep notice me even they are stranger. People tend to evade talking something. Well, mind victim, they don’t look like victim to me. I think they work together but unfortunately, they hear something against me or they could hear me. These people are not individual but as a group and keep staying around me.
        You are saved from ER but to me, I got an attack from ER.
        Sound weapon was reduced in ER but IV was not depression treamtnemt at all. It was electrolyte to me. It made serious eletricity and it started all upon symptom.
        Who could save me?
        Who could save me at least from human voices?
        Many people might have some exoerience about hearing of voice but to me, it’s not normal hearing of voices I think. When one voice start to talk to me outside, then I cannot breath well. When many people talk to me as a weapon, it blockes intellegent working and they don’t talk samething so it’s annoying(2~3?). It is continueing over a year and I wish at least stop “voices” with computer effect sound. General human voices without computer effects are very dangerous because their volume is really high. It’s like dans hall or war area.

      • joe said

        Kate my name is Joe Hamilton and I have had the same thing is happening to myself I am unsure how but for 5 years Now they have tortured me using the same techniques. Its Always the same the just torture. My # is 318-531-9310

    • kate said

      Stalker… wha it means? Sound weapon’s content should be stalker because they are using over and over. Outside people who listen to those same or similar contect, they shoud be stalker because it was originally starting from my personal information. It doesn’t matter about it is a fake or a real becuae they could notice the same thing. Outside mind reader people are stalker, too. Spying with same organization should be stalker, too.

  17. Many years ago when i was living in gent and later @ the house of my mother in eindhoven i have experienced similar things. So i started some research and i vizualized in sound frequencies what i was hearing and feeling. Here are a few sonic examples http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=7005618

  18. sam said

    csis stops my mail and emails and calls to my family in plymouth devon uk since i was deported to canada by mi-5 in 2002 it is now 2011 i am still in vancouver bc canada being experimneted on by csis with chemicals and sleep deprivatin,contact the devon law centre josephine meaking and ujjal dosajh mp,csis has offered me 200.000 bucks not to talk about what these cunts have done to me for years ,death threats.

  19. Carol Ring said

    To Denise Williams: The symptoms you described and many others can be induced by a variety of high-tech weaponry, supposedly available only to the military and law enforcement. For four years, similar symptoms have followed me to over a dozen residences, most recently from Arizona to the east coast. In my case, I have known from the beginning that a sadistic stalker is responsible for these ever more sophisticated assaults and much more. Of course, most people find this unbelievable. This man has the resources and access to such weaponry. Might this be possible in your case? For example, did you previously know someone in law enforcement, the mlitary, or a fire department employee? Please feel free to contact me here. I will check back. Carol

  20. Quora said

    Why hasn’t infrasound been used to clear protests in the US?…

    Because of the long wavelength, it is hard to direct – it affects the people in back almost as much as those in front. It tends to make people either throw up or crap in their pants. Most police forces don’t want something that will make them crap in …

  21. [...] on a 4x4x4 cube, which yields the number 37 visible of 64. A Short History of Sound Weapons http://crab.wordpress.com/2008/01/14…t2-infrasound/ All of the above helps to support the idea that the TENET made with the universe is the TENET [...]

  22. Salty said

    Sound Weapons are HORRIBLE!
    Linda Moulton Howe was on Coast to Coast am last night Feb 28/13 talking about sound weapons starting at about 39 minutes in.

    At about 54 min she asks people to contact her if they have firsthand information about any possible link between the Strange Booms that have been going on and the Sound Gun Weapon or any other experimental weapon.

  23. Salty said

    I only meant to post a link to the YT video. I don’t know why it posted the video instead of just the link. Sorry about that!

  24. Very interesting points you have remarked, regards for putting up.
    “A big man is one who makes us feel bigger when we are with him.”
    by John C. Maxwell.

  25. Robert Allen said

    There is a man by the name Tim Elder of San Diego that is a chairman of the board for programs that create these weapons, the programs are government funded and go by the names C4ISR, and the MORS project.

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