November 25, 2010

Towards the end of this video I am being beaten with fish by a very tall Australian woman then lifted upside down by my feet and shaken so that all the coins in my pockets fall on the floor. The location is Clapham Junction railway station in London which at the time (1986?) was partly derelict – the occasion,  a shoot for the Factory Records stars Durutti Column directed by DV8 Physical Theatre Company. Miles makes a ghostly appearance with trademark slouch at  2.46 sadly a surreal dance sequence he did was cut from the final edit.

2 Responses to “Ghosts”

  1. ikhider said

    Haha! I met Vinnie Riley when I was in Manchester, he seemed so fragile. Too bad you guys had the briefest of cameos. It would have been fun to see more. Must have been some woman to have robbed you of your lunch money.

  2. Smetak! said

    After what seems like centuries I have been able to watch the legendary DV8/When the World clip – thanks for the upload!

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