Auf einen Augen-Blick

February 11, 2012

‘Auf einen Augen-Blick’ is an animated video piece using sequences of hand corrupted jpg files. If I was a bit smarter i could probably have written a script that batch processed multiple files but I found that there is something important in the laborious process of doing each frame by hand – it introduces some organic element into what should be an efficient process…I like the contradiction of using digital media in such a manual way…especially when the content is all about degradation and corruption of the media itself.

5 Responses to “Auf einen Augen-Blick”

  1. Paul said

    Great stuff, I wrote something similar about the degradation of digital files on my blog (before it went down)

    Have you heard William Basinksi’s Disintegration Loops? Besides being a wonderful listen, the pieces were recorded on magnetic tape that had degraded in the years prior to their release:

  2. crab said

    Hi Paul,
    Haven’t heard William Basinksi’s stuff (how do you hear it without paying? outrageous!) but looks interesting – except for the off-putting guff about dedicating it to the victims of the Twin Towers attack…why do Americans always have to do that?.

    I used a similar technique way back on this track:
    …where I ate the master tapes and waited for nature to take it’s course; you might be able to discern the result by a peculiar type of digestive audio slurring. No doubt these days you could buy something from Native Instruments that gives the same effect without the same, er, effort.

  3. Paul said

    You can hear small sections of it on youtube, such as here: Very eerie stuff. Quite similar in sound to the recent work of the Caretaker/Leyland Kirby who manipulates old recordings (most recently 1920s ballroom music) to give it a haunting quality.

    That’s amazing, I’ll give that a listen. I thought that was the process through which most chart music is made these days?


  4. Well it’s about time! Hope to see you posting more regularly! One of my fave blogs on the whole damned ‘net.

  5. Owen said

    Love this Crab, beauty in corruption. hope you are cool.

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