Continuing the ANS story, Here’s a pretty exhaustive list of recording featuring the ANS Synthesiser, I’ve not included Artemiev’s film soundtrack work for Tarkovsky as I’ll cover this in a separate post. if I’ve missed anything, please let me know…

ANS Discography


“Musical Offering” 1990

The first LP to feature recordings of the ANS Synthesiser were released as a vinyl lp “Musical Offering” on the Russian Melodiya label (C60 30721 000) in 1990 and contains works from 1968-1970 by Edison Denisov , Sofia Gubajdullina and Alfred Schnittke

Edison Denisov “The Singing of the Birds,” (excerpt) 4k m3u file

Sofia Gubajdullina’s “Vivente-nonvivente” (excerpt) 4k m3u file

Alfred Schnittke’s “The Stream” (excerpt) 4k m3u file


The Russian Electroshock label issued a series of electro-acoustic sampler records, the fourth being devoted to archive recordings of the ANS Synthesiser as well as two works by the composer and ANS expert Stanislav Kreichi:


(Electroshock Records ELCD 011)

(from the Electrochock site)

“Electroacoustic Music Volume IV” is a collection of tracks dedicated to ANS, the first Russian synthesizer, created by Evgeniy Murzin over a 20 year period (1937-1957). Murzin only made one copy of the ANS and the 12 tracks on this disc were recorded by Russian musicians between 1964-1971, hence the sub-title “Archive Tapes Synthesiser ANS”. The tracks are all spacey electronic excursions and I can imagine the music must have been quite mind-blowing for its time. Far from being simple exploratory noodlings and knob-twiddlings by the curious, the contributors are clearly familiar with their instrument and have produced well thought out creative compositions. And given the context of the time it was recorded the music is quite impressive and should appeal particularly to those interested in the history of electronic music.”

  1. Oleg Buloshkin – Sacrament [3:34]
  2. Sofia Gubaidulina – Vivente-Non Vivente (“Alive & Dead”) [10:44]
  3. Edward Artemiev – Mosaic [4:00] 7.6MB MP3 Download
  4. Edward Artemiev – 12 looks at the world of sound [12:52] 17.7MB MP3 File Download
  5. Edison Denisov – Birds singing [5:05]
  6. Alfred Schnittke – Steam [5:50]
  7. Alexander Nemtin – Tears [4:41]
  8. Alexander Nemtin – I.S. Bach: Choral Prelude C-Dur [2:30]
  9. Schandor Kallosh – Northern Tale [5:38]
  10. Stanislav Kreitchi – Voices of the west [2:00] 7.9mb MP3 file
  11. Edward Artemiev & Stanislav Kreitchi – Music from the motion picture “Cosmos” [12:15]
  12. Stanislav Kreitchi – Intermezzo [2:00]

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